Back To School (Stationary Haul)

Hey darlings!
Just to let you guys know, I am absolutely, 100% so sorry for being inactive for a few days. For those of you who don't know, I live in Shanghai and Amy lives in Toronto. This summer, I decided to visit her in Toronto and while it has been wonderful, I had to come back home before school started. So basically for the past few days, I have been either on the plane (13 hour flights, boo) or super jetlagged and just wasn't really in the mood to post. Anyways, I'm slowly shifting back to my normal schedule and I'm ready to post my heart out!

It's now in August, and that means one thing, it's time for school again. Whether you read that and sighed or smiled, it doesn't matter because we all have to prepare for the soul-wrenching, eight-hours of misery. On the plus side, as you all know, this will be my senior year. While many covet being a senior, it also comes with certain responsibilities such as being awesome and respected by freshmen. So, I decided that unlike other years, I was gonna prepare myself. How you ask? Well, obviously by buying my school supplies early so that nobody will have the same ones as me and I can find the absolute cutest ones (especially japanese mechanical pencils, I am an asian girl after all).

So while I do want chic stationary, I didn't wanna spend a buttload of money on it. Thus, the 3 Subject Notebooks, the Binders, the plain folders, and the ducky pins are from the Dollarama. Altogether they were less than $20 and a definite steal. The kitty folder is from Walmart and the Bic pens is from Shoppers. As for the mechanical pens/pencils and floral masking tape, they're from Japan (courtesy of mommy dearest). Last but not least, the 'for really big mistakes' eraser (my proudest/most expensive buy) is from Chapters. While the original price was $4.99 there was a 10% discount (score!) Also, it's about the size of my hand, so I doubt I'll ever run out of erasers anytime soon.

Overall, I think I spent less than $40 and I definitely had a blast finding all of my stuff. I think this haul was pretty successful and I can't wait for school to start so I can use all my new pens. One thing I do regret was not buying an agenda. While the school does offer free ones, the ones from Chapters were so much cuter (and expensive). But anyways, I'm happy with my haul. What do you think? Are you excited for school? Please leave any comments down below.

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