Pre-Summer Playlist 2015

Hey guys! Though its June, Toronto is still moody. You wake up with the grey sky and cloudy skies. The weather that makes you want to press the snooze button, the weather that makes you consider calling in sick, the weather that makes you not want to go to work. But luckily in Toronto, so far, by around 1 pm the weather clears and you see some sunshine. It helps with SAD.

I've always been a believer in mind over matter. If you want a happy day, you need to be in the happy mindset. Ways to get me into my happy summer mood is generally wearing something pretty to work, putting on that extra lip gloss in the morning and definitely listening to music that sets the mood.

So here's my pre-summer set list.

Life Motto: Fairytales Edition

I am a strong believer in fairytales, even at the age of 23. Honestly, even at the age of 70 I will still believe in true love, magic of first kiss and all that fairytales can offer. I believe in the power of hope *eyes glisten*

But this quote hits home.

Bubblegum Finds: ByMark

DINNER MON-SAT: Service from 5PM
Bar Menu available 3pm onwards
Where: 66 Wellington Street West
Why: The most expensive and beautiful burger I've ever tasted. Worth every freaking penny. Great patio and gorgeous bar. Even when I walked in the rain, still worth the trek.