10 Things I Hate About Shanghai

First off, before people start getting defensive, I love this city. I have lived here for 5 years but just like any long term relationship, resentment will bubble up and sometimes you got to let it out. What can I say? Shanghai, you have your issues.
  1. Personal bubble? What is that?
  2. Taxi drivers actually turn own your business on the account that they might have to make a U-turn.
  3. People will step in front of the camera just as you got a good pose in front of an iconic area.
  4. Creepy guys come in a dozen (SIDE NOTE: So I was walking down a crowded road with a friend and I swear to god, she looks in her pocket to find some stranger's hand in there.)
  5. Everyone's phone call turns into a screaming match. They might be talking to their lover but their volume is ALWAYS on maximum.
  6. Walking down a street full of restaurants? You will come out smelling like oil.
  7. Don't come walking in your Louboutins because people will spit with amazing accuracy.
  8. It may be made in China but it's still more expensive here. Well, unless you want a fake replica.
  9. One minute sun, the other rainstorm. I guess its another summer full of fake tan.
  10. Lining up is a joke. It's everybody's game so run, motherf*cker, run!
All in all, Shanghai is still my home and despite your faults, I love you. 

Bubblegum Finds: Prince and Princess KTV/王子公主奇遇记主题KTV

Prince and Princess KTV


WHEN: Daily 8 am - 11 pm
WHERE: Minhang District, 2372 Dongchuan Road, 3rd Floor of Sky Hotel
WHY: Everyone loves to sing whether in a shower or with your friends. This KTV takes it to a whole level, with princess and cute disney themes. The servers are all dressed in cute costumes and everyone is so happy. The price is cheap and its really a great time for anyone whether you are the next Beyonce or not ;)

Real, living parrots!
Amy looking boss!
Flamingo Lamp? Yes, Please!
Who doesn't love a clockwork table?
Going wild with that bird theme!

Shine bright like a knight (please laugh)
Colorful, striped zebra carousel? Am I dreaming?

I don't know why but this lamp makes me happy :-)

Chess board on the roof? Things are getting loco!
But first... lemme take a selfie
We send our love!
As an asian we grew up with KTV. It's the equivalent of malls for Americans. So we know whats a good KTV. This place has good echo and sounds, great amount of microphones and honestly an amazing selection of songs. As a lover of English pop music, this was a refreshing place with everything from Iggy to Lil Wayne. The food was also super cute and delish. It was mini desserts with cheesecakes, cookies and fruits. They also serve the most interesting drinks some sort of banana milk with oreo toppings. Plus, how freaking cute is the place. A must visit if it's your first time in Shanghai.

Mini Review:
Food/Singing Facilities: 5/5 
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5 
Atmosphere: 5/5 
Overall: 18/20

That's me. I'm out!

July Addiction: Sheinside

If I had to describe summer in three words, it would probably be SUMMER BLOWOUT SALES (!!!!). You can look up, down, left, or right but you won't find a girl happier than me about these sales.

Unfortunately for me, I'm also a lazy bum...
In comes my self-proclaimed addiction: online shopping. The best part is... everything is on sale! This month, I have been loving the website Sheinside. Not only is the clothes stunning but the prices are also lovely and SO worth it (especially with the discount). Also, for those special few that needs some inspiration, Sheinside also has daily new outfits to help y'all out.

Here are some that I would kill to have...

This is THE summer dress. I love the pattern and cutouts!

I would definitely wear this to work because it's cute and hip but also has a professional aspect.

This scallop back sold me; absolutely beautiful.

Honestly, this dress reminded me of the Arizona Iced Tea cans and I just loved it. Also maxi dresses in the summer are a definite yes!

Man, if my kimono post wasn't obvious, well I LOVE KIMONOS. Seriously, they work in every way possible and this ruffle kimono stole my heart.

I am loving the fact that this coat is not a kimono per say but has the same feel. Also, don't you love how this summer piece can also bleed into fall?

I love the simplicity and the summer feel. 

 Flirty and fun, this would look amazing with some scallop shorts for a date (just like above woo)!

Floral shorts are always so chic and so fashionable. Add a simple shirt and bam, you got a balanced shirt. Besides, Greenery to the Scenery? Yes please.

Okay, honestly, such a bargain for leather shorts. Besides, this is one of the summer trends that you just can't pass on so buy it for cheap!

I am loving the fact that half of the skirt is floral cutouts and gives a professional yet flirty look.

Like every other girl out there, I love my online shopping. What do you think of Sheinside? What is your favorite online store? Comment down below to let us know :-)

Photo Inspiration: Matching Sets

I know, I know, I am about 100 years behind on this trend. It's been blowing up the blogosphere and every fashion magazine possible, but honestly, I believe in quantity so instead of hastily finding some mediocre photos for you, I've decided to wait it out.

Instead, I have found some of the most amazing matching sets I've laid eyes on and seriously, if anyone can just buy ANY of these for me, I think I would declare my love for them right then and there.

For now, I guess I'll just love afar...

Ugh, if you guys could see me now, you would see that I am hardcore fangirling and it's slightly pathetic...
But you can't even blame me with these to die for matching sets. Best part? You can mix and match them!
Which one was your favorite? Which one was your least favorite? Let us know down below!