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Broken Hearts in a Drawer


Renwick Gallery: Wonder

 Living in city full of politics and culture, I often feel that I don't take advantage of all that DC has to offer. As a Georgetown student, it gets increasingly difficult to keep with the demands of school and extracurriculars while leaving the hilltop. However, whenever I do leave campus and explore the city, I get a glimpse of all the magic this city has to offer. I come back with a newfound sense of wonder...

Sunset Pastel

Life Update: Sending 2015 Off

Merry christmas & happy new years, darlings!
Can you believe 2016 has already crept up on us?
Sorry for being MIA for a while but we decided to stay disconnected for (most) of winter break. To sum up December, here is a compilation of our adventures.

Life Motto: Merry Christmas

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