Go Nuts for Donuts

Hi darlings,
[Sidenote: It's been an amazing few months (fyi, I just started college) but it's been quite hectic. In between my school, work, and sorority, I hate to say it but I've been neglecting you guys. For that, I'm sorry 1000000 fold.
I hope this makes up for it.]

Today is a really special occasion. It's the day that has LITERALLY been scientifically proven to be calorie-free (I'm kidding, don't quote me on that). Today is...
In honor of this magnificent day (and the fact that I've been craving powdered donuts like a pregnant lady), I've decided to find 10 donut recipes that make you happy you're alive.

Life Mottos - Beyonce Edition

She's just so poetic.
And all the praise is require.
I don't think anything needs to be explained.