Winter is Coming! Pick the right coat!

The closer we are to December, the closer we are to winter and the need for jackets are growing.
The jacket is your fashion statement -- and also your way to say warm!
I live in Toronto where the the snow never stops and the cold just gets colder.
But sometimes I stupidly pick 'adorable' jackets over the hearty sturdy jackets.

Here are my jacket picks from least warm to most warm!

Holiday Giveaway: Alterre

As a girl, I am constantly worrying about shoes. I live in Toronto and let me tell me, the weather is not my friend. Recently, we've been getting these really warm days and incredibly windy nights. I am in my wool coat and warm scarf with an umbrella at all times but honestly I am lugging around too many items. Some days you really think that weather god is against you. The days I forget my umbrella at home are the typhoon days. The days I am adequately dressed with my scarf and warm jacket -- Toronto hits you like a warm summer day and I get to the office sweaty like I've been running for 30 mins.

That's just the beginning of my weather issues.

There are many days I get dressed, look great and realized -- I got no shoes that match the weather AND outfit! Especially in the winter, my choices are UGGS, rain boots or cute riding boots. All great choices but sometimes you just want to complete your look with some nice heels.

Luckily, I work close to home and I have a pretty big office space (enough for me to keep multiple pairs of shoes at work to choose from). But now my cubicle-mate doesn't have to hate me for taking up all the space with my 20 pairs of shoes at work. Don't judge, you never know when you need that right pair of shoes to sell the biggest pitch of your life.


Giveaway: Glamulet!

Oh the holidays are upon us. It starts with Black Friday -- Thanksgiving -- Christmas -- Boxing Day -- New Years and before you know it, you've spent your entire year's saving in the last two months.

I'm quite a huge lover of accessories. I think with the right accessories, every outfit can look like it came from a magazine. I'm very huge on rose gold right now.

Even though my Tiffany & Co ring and Michael Kors watch are my essentials, my arm felt bare. I needed a new bracelet -- not just any bracelet -- a new charm glamulet!

Photo Inspiration: Pop of...

The winter months almost always brings out the neutral colors in us. While the black, the grey, and the white are essential to humanity, it's time to bring some color to our life. Whether it's a new pattern or a new make up palette, color brings spectacular life which we all need among the snow.

Happy Birthday TayTay 1989 - you made my year too

It's more than fair to say, my letter to the birthday of 1989 is late but I still really wanted to write one. This album spoke to me and I could listen to it on repeat non-stop (and I have, don't worry so many times I think my iTunes restarted the count). Planning to go to her concert was a birthday gift to my best friend and this was something we looked forward to for more than half a year. 

Some people say, the higher the standard, the harder you fall. But Taylor Swift never failed me. She was better than I thought and I just had to share my experience at the Toronto Roger's Center and even though its been a month or so since that day, I will never forget it.