Decor Suggestions: Singing in the .... shower?

Hello Friends :)

I've officially moved back! Now its home decor magazines all the way! (is this what it feels like to get engaged? then I am more than excited!)

What makes a house livable is obviously the big furniture, the important appliances but what makes a home home is definitely in the details. Even the plates or cups you choose to buy. Or what painting to go up on the walls. It's the little things. And those are exactly the things that make me most excited about!!

Spring is here!!

Hello babes,

My winter hibernation has finally finished and I'm ready to poke my head out into the world. I hope you guys didn't miss me too much

Life Motto

I moved back to my old town. My old life. My old routines.
But it feels like a few chapter.
I am living in a new apartment.
I'm finding a new job.
I'm doing everything I can to reserve the life I have but it feels like it isn't enough.
I think I need new things in my life, new friends, new routines.
and I think fashion is a way to start.

Obsessions: Instanatural Moisturizer, Eye Gel, & Eye Serum

Hey y'all,
Sorry for the long absence but orgo has officially been whopping my butt so I've been constantly studying (and binge-watching gilmore girls). But today, I have a real treat for everyone.. the Instanatural set of Eye Serum, Eye Gel, and Retinol Moistuizer


The other day, my friend and I went to get our manicures done.
Every time I go, I look and discuss with my friends regarding what color to get.
and every single time I always go with my class pink.
I just don't like the uncertainty.
But my friend she went for yellow. yes bright egg-yolk yellow.
She then went on to be teased and laughed at by all our friends for the following weeks.
But it got me thinking. Why am i not more adventurous.
I should be.


Hello Lovely Darlings,
A simple touch of class and art
to make you new home that much more elegant.
I personally don't have money for works from Monet or Picasso
But some cute gallery art can definitely spice up a living room!