The other day, my friend and I went to get our manicures done.
Every time I go, I look and discuss with my friends regarding what color to get.
and every single time I always go with my class pink.
I just don't like the uncertainty.
But my friend she went for yellow. yes bright egg-yolk yellow.
She then went on to be teased and laughed at by all our friends for the following weeks.
But it got me thinking. Why am i not more adventurous.
I should be.


Hello Lovely Darlings,
A simple touch of class and art
to make you new home that much more elegant.
I personally don't have money for works from Monet or Picasso
But some cute gallery art can definitely spice up a living room!

Obsession: Glam ST APP

I hope you enjoyed decluttering, and now I am ready to share with you an interesting APP I had the chance of coming across.

The idea is to try on makeup at the comfort of your own home and as a huge supporter of online shopping (and sephora is just sending me wayy to many emails to not take a look and perhaps buy yet another lipstick) this is a great invention!

Decor Suggestions: Good Morning, Beautiful

Hello friends of the blogosphere,

As I've proclaimed so loudly, I'm moving back to TORONTO! 
Its gonna be a journey and because I'll be moving away from my family, I'll be really hitting the road to adulthood with my own apartment.

This got me super inspired.
I'm sure lots of us are out there trying to build the most gorgeous apartments with our starter salaries, so I thought it would be fun to see some small adjustments you can make to build the Charlotte (from sex and the city's) apartment.