Bubblegum Finds: Bocca on Baldwin

Bocca on Baldwin

When: Monday - Wednesday 11:30 am - 10 pm
               Thursday - Saturday 11:30 am - 11:30 pm
               Sunday 11 am - 10 pm
Where: 26 Baldwin Street, Toronto
Why: Small restaurant but honestly real authentic. I am loving the food and the great wait staff. It is also in the heart of baldwin village!

7 signs you are in a toxic friendship (and what to do)

I'm going through my twenties and my oh my when adults say its the time of change, boy do they mean it. The past year - first year out of college, first job, first real life challenges - has matured me more than the last 22 years have. One of the hardest obstacles I had to face was friendships changing, evolving and how I can keep them alive. I went through the same thing when I first got to university with my high school friends - somehow that process wasn't bad at all. I still have a good hand-full of my high school friends on speed dial and I know their lives well enough. But getting my first job, going through our first hard break ups, going through big sh** happening in our lives really hit me like a brick. I started to realize that everyone I held so dear to my heart might not be good for me after all. This might be the last 'spring cleaning' or so to say for my friendships because as work gets more and more unreasonable friendship starts to fall on your to-do list.

Over the last two months or so, a huge change came upon me and one of my very dearest, bestest friend - someone I consider family, someone I would not hesitate to call my future-bridesmaid, someone I honestly thought would be sitting in a rocking chair in the house next door as we plan when our grandchildren will be coming to visit - change the game and broke my heart. I won't get into details but her actions made me reconsider our entire friendship and evaluate what it is that I need and desire in a friend. As I was doing this I came across great articles and research on the topic of friendship. I thought I would give my two cents on what are some signs you are in a toxic friendship -- and ultimately how I got out.

It's the 40th Anniversary of TIFF baby

I know this post is late and TIFF is now pretty much over but as a Torontoian girl this was the time to get down before winter hits. Due to all these huge things happening, this post got away from me.

TIFF 40th Anniversary

Back to Backpack

School has started and it's quite the time to shop. Whether it's for the first day outfit or for some stationary, it's always a blast to shop. Today, we decided to delve into the world of backpacks. Below we have chosen some of our favorite backpacks, for every style.

Life Motto: School Edition

School is starting and it will knock you down. There will be days where it feels like the work never ends. On those days, remember that life is a gift so treat it like one.