Life Update: Sending 2015 Off

Merry christmas & happy new years, darlings!
Can you believe 2016 has already crept up on us?
Sorry for being MIA for a while but we decided to stay disconnected for (most) of winter break. To sum up December, here is a compilation of our adventures.

Mane your Man (Guest Post)

Description: Thinking about switching to another haircut that needs some length? These easy tips will help to grow your hair qucikly and naturally. 
Whatever the reasons of adding length to your hair are, here are some helpful tips for hair growth promotion:
Tip #1 Washing routine
Your cleaning habits have a considerable influence on your hair’s growth patterns. Your washing routine should include conditioner and shouldn’t be more often than 2-3 times a week.

Winter is Coming! Pick the right coat!

The closer we are to December, the closer we are to winter and the need for jackets are growing.
The jacket is your fashion statement -- and also your way to say warm!
I live in Toronto where the the snow never stops and the cold just gets colder.
But sometimes I stupidly pick 'adorable' jackets over the hearty sturdy jackets.

Here are my jacket picks from least warm to most warm!