Motion in Art

Howdy Y'all!
As I previously mentioned in the fashion inspiration post, I am really into motion and the idea of movement in art. For my final project, I've decided to create this rendition of me and I thought it was cool and wanted to show you guys.

Fashion Inspiration: Movement

I know we haven't done this for a while but for art, we have this huge final project and I've been researching a lot about well, art. & i basically fell in love with...



Hey guys! It's the beginning of November and that means it's time to look back at the month of October... in instagram photos of course!

This is Why Pets Rule: Halloween Version

Hey darlings,
It's one of my favorite times of the year again, Halloween! Whether you're in college or not, it's such an amazing time to just wear whatever the heck you want and be whoever you want to be (I wish we could do this everyday). Halloweek is basically like when you were small and you tried on your mom's clothes and pretended you were someone else. Plus, free candy!

In celebration of this amazing holiday, I've decided to show some of my favorite costumes. But, let's not be basic. Rather than showing some hot outfits, it's gonna have a twist, PUPPIES, KITTIES, AND EVERYTHING FURRY.


10 BOOtiful Family Costumes

The countdown has officially begun; it is a week before halloween. As a college student, this is the moment where you can essentially wear lingerie and prance around without being judged (that hard).

While partying and "turning up" can be pretty fun, it's also nice to reminisce back on when halloween was about getting free candy from strangers. Rather than wearing those miniskirts, let's go back to a time when halloween was about family... and family costumes...

Go Nuts for Donuts

Hi darlings,
[Sidenote: It's been an amazing few months (fyi, I just started college) but it's been quite hectic. In between my school, work, and sorority, I hate to say it but I've been neglecting you guys. For that, I'm sorry 1000000 fold.
I hope this makes up for it.]

Today is a really special occasion. It's the day that has LITERALLY been scientifically proven to be calorie-free (I'm kidding, don't quote me on that). Today is...
In honor of this magnificent day (and the fact that I've been craving powdered donuts like a pregnant lady), I've decided to find 10 donut recipes that make you happy you're alive.