Bubblegum Finds: El Catrin

When: Monday - Friday 11:30 am - 4 pm; 5 pm -11 pm
               Friday: 11:30 am - 4 pm; 5 pm - 1 am
               Saturday: 10:30 - 3 pm; 4 pm - 1 am
               Sunday: 10:30  3 pm; 4 - 11 pm
Where: Distillery District, 55 Mill Street Toronto
Why: If you've ever lived in Toronto, you've heard of El Catrin. Amazing drinks, amazing food, the most amazing atmosphere.

Movies 2014 - 2022

As for my movie of my 300 before 30...
I thought I might as well have mini page for it!
Depending on the movie, I might have a mini review
or just a score or my life story...
whatever I want ;)


I'm on a boat and...

It's been a tough few weeks for me and my friends. Honestly more high tides than we expected and though there were moments when we thought we were going to down but we managed.

I know that's a lot of ocean and boats talk. Its because this weekend I'm going on a boat! I am more than expected! As we speak, I am sailing through the Ontario waters!

Bubblegum Finds: Forget About It Supper Club

When: Dinner only. Tues - Sun 5:00 pm to 1:00 am
Where: 325 King Street West (King st. and John st.)
Why: I've been eating my way through king street and I've been meaning to find a few restaurants that are fancy without ridiculous prices. This place looked great and the menu prices weren't bad at all!

Travel Guides: Ann Arbor, MI

Moving can be one of the hardest experiences of your life. In between the goodbyes and the breaking of emotional ties, there are also the countless errands and the dreaded packing. For me and my sister, unfortunately, this has become a norm. On the bright side, moving has also allowed us to experience some of the best places in the world. So instead of dwelling on the half empty side of things, we've decided to make the most of it and create a new segment: travel guide.
The first year of college is always crazy. It's the first time a baby bird flies out of the coop and gets to learn how to live independently. For me, I had a great place to surround myself with some of the best people. So for the first post for the newest segment, I wanted to share a place that will always be close to my heart: Ann Arbor.

Amy X TED Talks

I am sure you've all heard, seen or been to a ted talk conference. TED - technology, environment and design - the "ideas worth spreading" foundation asks specialists of all kinds to do talks and inspire and educate people all over the world. There have been curated Ted Talks on their website but I've tried to watch say their 6 videos in a row but honestly there is one great video with a few good but not great ones.

So I've decided to find my own. Amy's favorite Ted Talks. Please realized I'm a very random person, I love learning about business and how to improve myself professionally. I also studied psychology so anything to do with the human mind, human choices or anything where I can learn more about humanity, I am so interested. I am also just a forever student. Anything I don't know, I want to know. I want to broaden my knowledge as much as I possibly can.

So here are my top 5 (obscure but amazing) Ted Talks: