August 7th - day cinco (5)

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

okay. how can this possibly be a challenge. there are so so so so so soooo soooooooooooo many i can choose from. There is prom which was gorgeous and I had such a fantastic time. There was my middle school graduation trip to beijing and oh were there fun stories. There was high school graduation trip to japan and OH GOSH were there stories to share. There is university trips. Yes, multiple because once i got out of the shackles of my parents, I went travel crazy. So far I have been to Montreal, Quebec; Cincinnati, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois (twice); Calgary, Alberta; and New York City, New York. I plan to go on at least three more before i officially finish 'university' -- how does brazil sound? ;)

so as you can see, the process of elimination was particularly hard. I really really from the bottom of my heart just cannot choose. But I will share a particular moment recently that I am so incredibly fond of. It can definitely be considered as one of my favorite memories.

So to explain this FREAKING special occasion. That morning, me and Angella's plan was to sit around and watch TV. Little did we know that we were gonna have the best night of our lives. I went with my sister to the shanghai film festival. Yup. It was as amazing as any film festival would have been. We went to the opening of the ceremonies and we ogooled at stars. We were able to see them SO CLOSE! I was mistaken for a semi-famous person. We also got to end the night with the premier to monsters university in Shanghai. umm HOW amazing was it? just one of the best experiences I have ever been in. That experience made me consider becoming famous haha

anyways it was one fun freaking night. and one of my favorite memories.  what's yours?

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