Decor Suggestions: Mugs'R'Us

Dear Friends,

Its been a while since we've talked. I hope we are the kind of friends that can still be besties even when we lost touch for a while. Some good news first, I found a job! This busy time makes blogging a little hard... but I promise to try and be more proactive.

My sister also has a huge news. Promise to share soon!

So I've been in my apartment for about four months. My mom warned me if I don't decorate in the first month, I will never decorate again. I told her, over the year, I will still decorate slowly and make this home the most chic and glam I can.

As always... I was wrong.

For this month, I will try to decorate little by little. It all starts in the kitchen for me. I love a beautiful, well decorated, animated, girly kitchen. I have coffee at home everyday and honestly mugs are my thing.

Heres just a few of my faves. 


Mugs'r'us by importedbubbly featuring coffee mugs

Next, I want to tackle a vase because (for my birthday last week, yeeee) I got beautiful roses and right now they are in an ugly jar. I need something beautiful for my gorgeous flowers. Then maybe I will get weekly flowers, spring up my apartment.

What spring decorating should I do? Any suggestions for flowers?

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