Decor Suggestions: Good Morning, Beautiful

Hello friends of the blogosphere,

As I've proclaimed so loudly, I'm moving back to TORONTO! 
Its gonna be a journey and because I'll be moving away from my family, I'll be really hitting the road to adulthood with my own apartment.

This got me super inspired.
I'm sure lots of us are out there trying to build the most gorgeous apartments with our starter salaries, so I thought it would be fun to see some small adjustments you can make to build the Charlotte (from sex and the city's) apartment.
I get that most of you may not have the most moneys, I certainly am on a tight tight budget. But honestly build from the ground up. If every year you can change one major furniture and maybe a few small things around the house, your apartment will be beautiful before you know it!

This time I was thinking small decor around the living room. Start small.
Start with dem pillows.

After this post, I may just need to rotate my pillows cause I WANT THEM ALL!

Good Morning, Beautiful


 Aren't they adorable?

 Honestly, I'm a strong believer that small things can change an atmosphere.
Where should we decorate next (in my imaginary beautiful apartment)?
Comment below!

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