Imported Goodies: the much expected Valentines Day Edition

And... we're back! 
Feb is mostly known for Valentines Day (duh!)
but this year it's actually incredibly close to Chinese New Year as well!
But for our imported goodies, we wanted to express our love for the idea of love...
And those who don't know the reference, please please listen to the song below:
The Mowgli's - San Francisco

Here's some of our outfits of the day for our fav day!
Whatever your situation may be...


I am a huge supporter of PINK! 
and just to let you know this valentines day, I'll be on a plane
and yes before you all aww at the fact that I am flying to see my bf,
that's not true
I'm flying back to Taiwan for Chinese New Year...
So I'll be dressed like more the right than left

Whatever your situation may be...
this is the day for you to wear as much pink as you possibly want 
and WON'T get judged for it
so I always take full advantage :)

Let me know what your plans for this lovely holiday will be! 

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