Obsession: Glam ST APP

I hope you enjoyed decluttering, and now I am ready to share with you an interesting APP I had the chance of coming across.

The idea is to try on makeup at the comfort of your own home and as a huge supporter of online shopping (and sephora is just sending me wayy to many emails to not take a look and perhaps buy yet another lipstick) this is a great invention!

The APP and website is simple. You create your account. Upload a photo. And bam! 
Try on that new lipstick, new blush or that eyeliner you've always wanted.

 They have a great selection of products. Because it is a fairly new project, they haven't gotten all. But all products also have ranges of colors! 

Its all very fun!
Because I wanted to share with you the process, please ignore the less professional photo and love me for my dorki-ness. 

So the mascara may need a bit of work but dang that lip color (I actually already have it MAC - Diva) but you get the gist!

If you wanna try it yourself:

Also they are running a social media campaign! 

Go doll yourself up with your phone! And find your new fav lipstick!
Share in the comments below! I wanna see some suggestions!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by GLAM ST in conjunction with Brandbacker. 
All opinions are my own.

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