typhoon day!

hey darlings!
so it's been a pretty hectic week. It was October break but instead of having a nice relaxing week, I had sat cram class all day, everyday. It was crazy! Then on Saturday I took my sat (for the last time, hurrah). BUT the best part of my week was that night when I got to go to BEIBERS CONCERT. yeah, that's right, I'm a belieber. 

I know there's a spectrum from hate to love for Beiber but honestly, he was very professional. He was not late or drunk or high. He was also a great singer and he really developed that potential everyone saw on YouTube. anyways, it was an amazing concert. 

So, now it's Monday and I'm suppose to have school but god listened to my prayers and it's a typhoon day! An extra day of vacation? hell yeah!

how has your week been? keep me updated on the comments below.

xxxx Angella

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