Joe Fresh - Fresh off the press!

I have been in love with this brand since I saw their runway years ago.
but now. you can shop 

its my dream come true.
Joe Fresh is great quality clothes for cheap.
its also just amazing ready to wear clothes straight from this years runway.

I was just window shopping from the comfort of my own home yesterday...
and heres a few things I absolutely want in my life.

Graphic Sweater $29

Polka Dot Silk Shirt $49

Stripped Print Silk Shirt $49

Animal Print Belt $19

they are also having two sweaters for $12!
I may spend all my money.

There is also free shipping every single day for orders above $50.

so while I hit my 'buy' button.
what are some awesome things you want from Joe Fresh?
Are you excited about their upcoming fashion show in Toronto?

P.S. Toronto Fashion Week is Oct 21-26! I am exciteeeeeed ~

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