Wondering Eyes Cuatro

So schools started...

not sure what I am thinking BUT.
hey maybe some links for school!

all related and possibly fun?

for all you first years, please read & worship!
sometimes you need some extra space.
hey! you could be doing this in school.
don't ever think you don't measure up. its all make up!
when you need some fashion inspiration.
if you are lazyyy buy your textbook online (:
please, learn to love cooking.
but entertainment can never undermined.
oh gosh and this is SO true.
maybe some tips for those who aren't great with budgeting...
and never underestimate the power of... coupons.
more coupons.
and more more coupons ;)
and finally...
some things to distract you from studying :D

what are some links you wanna share with your fellow students?
As always, sharing is caring!

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