Fashion Evolution: Beyonce

I absolutely have a huge girl crush on Beyonce.
anyone who says differently is lying
She is just aaaaamazing.

So I decided to have give her a tribute.
Her style specifically.
She may not have always been the most elegant woman
but still.

so hop in our time travel.
back to 2002.
When she release work it out!

moving on to 2003...
a little less afro... and a lot more sexy!

as she gets more use to the fame...
she gets much more glamorous in 2004-2005!

but she got beautiful the minute she met her man.
2006 is when she bloomed.

then she got fierce!
it was one of her most famous moments

She just moved from wonderful to ICONIC.
she became a warrior princess!

then she became...
a mother.
and she's still hitting those notes and loving her life.
she's still glowing like there's no tomorrow.

the baby is cute as a button!

she's an icon.
she's great.

what's your thoughts on beyonce?

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