Recruitment hu-rr-ah

Dearest fellow college students,

I know it may seem like the weirdest advice, please give sororities a chance. I absolutely love it. Give greek life a fighting chance! Sororities give you a chance to make friends with people you least expect, sororities change they the way you have always been, sororities help you break out of your shell!

That's my tiny rant about the beauty of being in a sorority (Pi Beta Phi for the win!)
Those of you who are already signed up and ready (and excited) for formal recruitment...
I thought I should share some fun outfit ideas for girls of all different styles!

Style 1. For the girly girl.
Definitely go for the pastel colour and share your girli-ness. Share your bows and roses and everything.

Style 2. For the nerdy girls
You love batman? I love batman too! You don't have to wear pink to join a sorority. Black is definitely my go-to colour.

Style 3. For the artsy girl.
You want to mismatch patterns? Why not! I love a great patterned dress with a rocking jean jacket.

The most important part of your outfit during recruitment is to show who you are
 and represent yourself well! Girls won't judge you for being you!
Just don't try to be someone you are not.

On that note,
If you have other ideas for formal recruitment.
Tell me! I love to hear (:

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