200 Before 30

It is January 3 2020. The start of a new decade. In celebration, Amy and I looked back at our goals and we realized that I have passed my last 100 before 22 (turned 23 in 2019). Thus, we decided to start a new list that is longer and reflects what I hope the next 7 years will look like for me.


Channeling the Cannes

Hey darlings,

One of the largest film festivals is the Cannes Film Festival where not only is movie magic celebrated but so is fashion. Some of our favorite looks are shown below with simple ways to channel into your everyday wardrobe.

(Left to right: Bella Hadid, Blake Lively, Kate Hudson)

Life Motto

Renwick Gallery: Wonder

 Living in city full of politics and culture, I often feel that I don't take advantage of all that DC has to offer. As a Georgetown student, it gets increasingly difficult to keep with the demands of school and extracurriculars while leaving the hilltop. However, whenever I do leave campus and explore the city, I get a glimpse of all the magic this city has to offer. I come back with a newfound sense of wonder...

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