Bubblegum Finds: Naked Retreat

Naked Retreat

When: Anytime you feel that all the hustle bustle of the modern life is poisoning you and need time to just ~chill~ with nature & get really good food, massages, and more!
Where: No.37 Shangxiazhuang Village, paitou Town, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, PRC, 313200
Literally nestled in the thick forest is one of china's most luxurious retreats. This retreat consists of breathtaking villas, luscious crops (and produce for sale), horse-filled stables, and much more.
Why: Literally one of the best vacation spots I have ever been to. Built to be sustainable and to help out with local economy, Naked Retreat has modern breathtaking designs that were designed by the same people whom built the infamous Xintiandi. Furthermore, it has some of the best services I've had in China and activities (spa, yoga, horse-back riding, swimming, pottery/art classes, etc. ) that would make you forget you were on a mountain and actually have some fun. There are three exquisite restaurants (including a Michelin star restaurant) and you can also request for a chef to be brought to your villa to help you cook. While each villa stands alone, they are not too far apart where it seems like the Last Cabin on the Left. Not completely straying away from society, each villa also has internet to help you stay in touch.

Take a look at my adventures:

The Lobby
As you enter, you see and exquisitely designed lobby that offers free tea made from the tea leaves harvested on the very mountain. The open window concept also allows for you to see the first swimming pool and the stables. Furthermore, there is free organic apples left in a basket and friendly hosts waiting to help you out.

The Buffet 
Above the reception area is the first restaurant, which is also the morning buffet. The food was absolutely delicious with both western and eastern cuisine as well as fresh juice, yogurt, and coffee. There were also chefs on the side to make custom ordered eggs, noodles, and more. Up front, they were also selling some of their beautiful crops. The restaurant also had outside seating and large windows that allowed for natural light.

Naked Bites
A little way down the slopes of the mountain is the second restaurant, a homey little italian restaurant.  We decided to eat here for lunch and to be honest, it was not as good as I expected. While the bread was phenomenal (and baked on the side), it was quite average. However, the eclectic design definitely made up for some of it and was aesthetically pleasing. It is also next to the infinity pool and the outdoor seating was on point.

The Villas:
The first type of villa typically is for two to three people. Built like small straw huts, it is absolutely adorable and more immersed into the mountain. In fact, it takes a little hike to get to the small huts. On the inside, it is small cozy and circular. There isn't much room and I did not really like the design. However, when stepping out into the balcony, you truly feel one with nature and I could literally sit there for days.

This is the second type of villa where there is the option of three rooms or four rooms. I DEFINITELY recommend this villa. It has been one of the most glamorous places I have ever been to and the design was fantastic.  There are two floors and the top floor consists of a large balcony (and bbq), an amazing kitchen, a cozy living room, a bathroom (despite each room being a suite) and an indoor cabana type thing with a tv.
Here is the stairs to downstairs which consists of three bedrooms.
Each bedroom has a large window that allows you to see the truly evergreen mountain. In front of the window is a massage bed and a bathtub that allows you to soak and soak in the view. Then, there is a large luxurious bed and a headboard which divides the room and allows for the sink to be on the other side and another room for the bathroom which consists of a nicely tiled shower.

While the second villa definitely is less immersed into nature, the views are truly unbeatable and the luxurious space makes you want to buy the villa as a vacation home. The furniture pieces are not only conversation starters but truly beautiful and I really wanted to steal the dining room table (but I sadly couldn't). Overall, an outstanding (alas quite expensive) retreat that everyone should definitely visit once in their life.

Here's some love from me and mom! What do you guys think? Comment down below :)

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