Happy Birthday TayTay 1989 - you made my year too

It's more than fair to say, my letter to the birthday of 1989 is late but I still really wanted to write one. This album spoke to me and I could listen to it on repeat non-stop (and I have, don't worry so many times I think my iTunes restarted the count). Planning to go to her concert was a birthday gift to my best friend and this was something we looked forward to for more than half a year. 

Some people say, the higher the standard, the harder you fall. But Taylor Swift never failed me. She was better than I thought and I just had to share my experience at the Toronto Roger's Center and even though its been a month or so since that day, I will never forget it.

We were the crazy twentysomething girls. Who sat next to the moms with their 5 year old daughters. We were the dancers who sweat more than those on stage. We were ready with our red lips classic thing that you like and our tight little skirts. 

To give you a little background, we were all working girls on Friday, wore our outfits to work (hidden of course, can't have a crop top on) but just waiting for 5 pm so can make sure our red lipstick was flawless and go to the concert.

(Lip: Mac, Crop Top: Garage, Skirt: H&M)

It was clear to say we were early. We were so early we thought there was going to be empty seats and plotted how we were going to move down closer to Taylor Swift to see her pretty face. But when the concert started, it was jam packed. Not a single seat was empty and we were all more excited than students on the last day of school before summer.

She really made sure all 50,000 of her fans were a part of her concert. The bracelet that light up to the beat of her songs and her heartfelt speech about heartbreak. I wasn't even going through a breakup and it still got to me.

She even remixed all her good classic songs and man were they even better than the originals. Her voice was incredible and anyone who says Taylor Swift isn't a performer, they are wrong. Her concert was the best one I've been in a long time.

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