Decor Suggestions: Singing in the .... shower?

Hello Friends :)

I've officially moved back! Now its home decor magazines all the way! (is this what it feels like to get engaged? then I am more than excited!)

What makes a house livable is obviously the big furniture, the important appliances but what makes a home home is definitely in the details. Even the plates or cups you choose to buy. Or what painting to go up on the walls. It's the little things. And those are exactly the things that make me most excited about!!

I sing in the shower ????

I know, I know there are many places more important than bathroom but I can also argue that I do spend a lot of time in there (make up, baths and what not). I wanted a theme and for everything to match. Right now, I'm going with blue and ocean feel.

What about you guys? What's your fav?

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