Imported Goodies: ☼ Must Haves

Is it just me or is it getting hot up in here? For most of you that are in school, summer has finally started and school has finally ended. For those of you that are working, well, it sucks but at least you can look through your office window and find the sun beaming down at you. In celebration of this amazing weather (and the amazing blog revamp), I've decided to spice things up for our usual imported goodies section and create the summer edition in which every week, I will be posting some summer goodies that are necessary for this lovely weather.

For this week, I've picked the key item in every outfit (albeit it's not necessarily essential)...


From thin to thick...

People may be talking about statement necklaces, but statement bangles are the way to go. Whether it's stacked or singled out, bangles are bright and summer-ready. Have I also mentioned everything above is less than $50? 

Which one was your favorite? What do you think about bangles? What are some summer accessories you love? Comment down below!

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are mine and I did not get any sponsorship from this post.

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