Healthy Living with my Cacti (and other Succulents)

For those of you who haven't been living under a rock (or in a desert), we all know that the newest rage is cacti. Who doesn't love those adorable spiky plants? From tumblr to twitter, people are talking about the cactus, taking pictures with it, and making some really weird jokes about it...

Sadly for me, I have also joined this craze because let's face it, who doesn't want one of these buggers. To my surprise though, I actually found how healthy (and awesome) it is to live with some cacti. So for all of you who has also got sucked into this craze, here are some reasons your succulent is THE BEST (and here are some excuses when people look at you like some One Direction addicted teenager for owning a cactus):
  1. THEY KICK INDOOR AIR POLLUTION'S BUTTS Houses today are weatherized and insulated to keep the owner's optimal temperature. We use harmful chemicals to clean our messes and paint with ridiculously poisonous substances. While does make our home more comfortable or aesthetically pleasing, it has also resulted in tainted indoor air that is full of formaldehyde and other sick (not in the good way) gases. However, there is a simple solution: keeping a house plant (yay cacti). Cacti and other plants can release fresh, clean oxygen into the home and can remove poison such as formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene, and xylem from indoor air.
  2. THEY STABILIZE INDOOR HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE Plants moisturize the air (even in the driest ventilation system) and can significantly cool hot climates. So next time, combat your bad hair day with some humidity-killing cacti!
  3. THEY'RE EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY What other plant is this low maintenance? They rarely need to be watered and some cacti (probably not the small, household kind) can live up to 175+ years! If you're like me and want a companion (that doesn't talk back or make you clean up their poop) but suck at maintenance, then get the most resilient organism ever: the cactus!
  4. THEIR FENG SHUI ISN'T ALWAYS BAD Although some people believe that sharp edges represents destructive energy flow in classic Feng shui, cacti also represents preserving, balance, and wise spending in ancient Chinese symbols. In fact, cactus plants are powerful Feng shui cures and protective talisman too. Thus, instead of shunning the plant for its bad mojo, place the plant in the right place. Here are some tips for placement:
    • Not in the southwestern parts of your house
    • Not on a coffee table, kitchen stand, or nightstand (too close to people)
    • Place it near a bedroom or bathroom window
    • Hide it behind curtains at night
  5. YOU CAN EAT THEM?! Research has shown that the Nopal Cactus (also known as the prickly pear) is abundant in health benefits. By eating these sharp cuties, they can improve oxidative damages to lipids and improve antioxidants, prevent inflammatory diseases by inhibiting leukocyte migration, lower cholesterol levels, decrease blood glucose values and help diabetics, and treat gastric ulcers. 
  6. AIN'T NO BASIC PLANT Cacti comes in a variety and no two are the same. They differ in color, shapes, flowers, etc. and can be quite aesthetically pleasing in a home. They are as decorative as they are helpful, so why not?
So next time you are deciding whether to buy that cute top or a cacti, don't falter no more and go for the healthier option (or both)!

P.S. Here are my babies

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