I know I've done quite a few posts on sweaters
but I currently live in Toronto
and I have been here for a few years
this year has been particularly bad.

This year we have experienced -31 degree
and I'm sure it's worse at other places.
it's been a three layer pants and four layer tops type of winter.
And something we really need to be more aware of

What changed?

One big thing is definitely global warming and this is just one of the many effects.
But National Sweater Day is coming up! 
February 6, 2013
we urge everyone to show your love of 
#selfies and #sweaters

how we use energy is effecting everything.
If we are able to battle the simplest of things such as put on an extra sweater
for energy conservation
then the world will be a better place.

This initiative is just so easy and cute.
Theres many things you can do as an individual or a corporation
but the simplest is to join in making the online sweater 

As easy as just tweeting out the message, you can be a part of this sweater.
I did.

Sometimes it is about getting the message out
and not just making you donate money or time
I understand there are limits to what people can do
but hey sharing on your twitter?
Thats not too bad right?
Currently there are...

Let's make a beautiful sweater together :)
And its an initiative done by World Wildlife Fund
Lets save some pandas

I am definitely wearing a sweater on Feb 6
Tweet me your sweaters?

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