Imported Goodies: Radiant Orchid

There should be no explanations
2014 will be Radiant
2014 will be colourful

2014 will be Radiant Orchid

There has been so many posts
and the minute I saw this colour, I fell in love
It's perfect
Super gorgeous on so many skin tones
and just the perfect touch of girly-ness
I immediately went on Pinterest to find some options
I must have at least one item
to remember this pretty colour
and it's been a month
and I still have yet to find something great
so this month's eye candy
is clothes, shoes, makeup in this awesome colour

With graduation coming up
I honestly am looking for some gorgeous radiant orchid shoes
to wear to convocation
I mean you wear a gown so...
you really cannot see anything else
and with such a neon and flashy color
everyone will see
Anyone else obsessed with finding something in this color?
Anyone already bought something?
Comment and let me know :)

P.S. I am going to be traveling in a week or so
not sure if that means more post cause of vacation
or less cause i'm busy

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