Some Jimmy Fallon

This show has been recently quite popular
oh and it caught my eye :)

just some fun clips from different amazing huge super stars.
please feast your eyes on some hot guys.

ONE. #hashtag
with Justin Timberlake

i almost peed my pants its so funny.
and REAL. thats probably why its so great.

TWO. lip sync battle
This has Joseph Gordon Levitt. 
So gorgeous and the other white guy can rap!

THREE. Sesame Street Song
just adorbs. 

FOUR. "Balls In Your Mouth"
Need I say more?

FIVE. Michelle Obama
I absolutely love her and the fact that she can let go and so what she wants.
including mom dancing.
It's also extra great when you see Jimmy Fallon in a girls outfit.

SIX. Vampires + Jokes
i have nothing else to say but LOL

Please enjoy.

Whats your favourite Jimmy Fallon clip?
SHOW ME below :)

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