Fall TV Shows :)

Since I began blogging... I realize that my life consists a lot of internet activities...
such as watching TV.
Oh and did the new Fall shows fill my life.
There were so many comedies! Drama!
everything I needed. 
AND it relaxes me from my work.

So I thought I should use my expert knowledge -- in TV -- to shed a little light.
But because there was such an amazing amount of additions to this Fall TV Schedule...
I could not give a huge description.
I just separated them into continue or oops not my type.

the continue awards goes to..

Those that just aren't my jam are...

I know pilots aren't usually the best episodes... 
SO ill probably give these shows another try.
but so far they aren't my kind of humour.

There's also a tons of amazing shows that will premiering soon (or just premiered)!
I haven't watched the ones below but the minute I get a free second...
I will have my eyes glued to the tv
Check 'em out :)
Premieres on Sept 29 on Showtime!

Premieres on Sept 29 on ABC!
Premieres on Sept 30 on CBS!
Premieres on Oct 2 on ABC!

Premieres Oct 3 on NBC!

Premieres Oct 3 on CBS!

Premieres Oct 3 on NBC!

So what TV have you been addicted to?
Or what are you excited to get into?
Basically, my life consists of TV since so many shows are so amazeballs :)

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