Nailed the Nails

hey darlings! For those of you who don't know, I went to Toronto this summer and bought about 10 bottles of nail polish. Yeah, I went a little crazy. BUT on the plus side, I've tried a buttload of different nail polish brands from OPI to ohmygosh. While they were all pretty great, I found essie to be the best brand yet.

First, the colors are just gorgeous, they're mostly in pastel shades and they work all season round. Secondly, they are so easy to apply. Unlike other brands, the texture is so smooth and (for a lack of better word) un-sticky. Basically, it's just so easy to place it on your nail without making a huge mess. Lastly, they have the cutest names ever.

Currently, I only own to essie bottles: mint candy apple and the matte gel finisher. But I LOVE THEM. so if you're looking for a new bottle of nail polish to try on or you have a free evening, just drop by your average drugstore and pick a bottle up.

 Please comment below what you think!

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