OH MY firsts, TIFF & Julia Roberts

This year, me and my best friend decided to go star watching.
This is my first every star hunting.
I have never been one of those girls who would wait forever just to see him.
We are huge fans of Benedict Cumberbatch.
but no, we are not cumberbitches lol
We just really appreciate his work and he is amazing andomghowcanyounotlovehim.

phew. needed to take a breath there.

He is actually at TIFF promoting three different but all amazing films.
12 Years a Slave, the Fifth Estate and August: Osage County
I actually worked at TIFF this year and was unfortunately unable to stalk him at all the premieres
oh and trust me if I was free, I would be all up in his business.

So I missed both 12 Years a Slave (GOD DAMMIT, BRAD PITT, did I miss out!) 
and the Fifth Estate.
which was stupid cause they were both so full of star power.

so me and her went to stand in line for August: Osage County.
It was definitely an experience.
Don't know what to say. There was so many older ladies fighting for a spot.
Tension was high and people were angry.
I couldn't believe the amount of fans there, waiting patiently for Julia Roberts.
I love her.
I do.
BUT waiting since 7 am for a 6 pm premiere love? No.

She was gorgeous to say the least.
AND I DID freak out seeing her.
But as a psychology student, I was more interested in the whole fans atmosphere.
Yes, What a weirdo.
People were going nuts.
No joke, I always thought the stories of people getting stomped over... was a lie.
and I realized oh boy am I wrong.

I just can't really understand the mentality I guess.
They are just people in my mind and all me and Sam realized was...
Hey, people would do that for us one day.
We almost went home and made a blood pact.
We will be famous, maybe not for acting (her for art for sure).
But. people will fight to see the side of my face one day.
People will push to get my autograph.
People will do anything just to get a photo with me.

It kinda give me a whole new motivation.
What would I be famous for?
and How?

anyways, did anyone else go to TIFF?
Any new found beliefs? Epiphanies? 
Lets share stores.

P.S. Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't there. I was so sad. but hey. still an experience to say the least. Well, its fine, when I am famous, we will have afternoon tea together like British people do :)

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