Wondering Eyes Uno

As you know I work, study and (try) to have a social life.
yet I procrastinate.

every night I tell myself, don't watch another episode, and yet I do (don't worry I pay for it in the mornings when I am dead tired)

I have what you may call wondering eyes.
the internet calls for me.

and I thought I should share some of my favourites this week.

I love instagram. I love princess. I love princess instagrams

just LOL I cannot even tell.

School is starting and I hate mornings. Change my mind!

Life is about the little things.

I know I am very late but I'm on this date.

I hope my love is made in the USA. (jk I'm Canadian)

This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Sometimes you just need guidance.

 I seriously considered changing careers cause of this.

I was doing a little online shopping. Unbelievable. I always said I wanted flowers in my house ;)

As a glasses person, this made me smile 

What are some cool things you were looking at this week?
Share :)

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