Aug 23 *heart melts*

Day 19 - A picture and a letter

first. a little guilty pleasure of mine is getting mail.
i love it.
it feels like i am loved.
i absolutely adore letter.
i love the idea of someone sitting down and spending time to write me something.
something that means a lot.

second, when i saw this i was like amazing.
i should have tons.
i can't find a single photo of me and a letter. 
so i just decided a photo of a letter i received from my friend from high school.
she sent it from london. 
i love her. shes just the cutest.
she literary made my day.
she didn't tell me.
so it was a complete surprise. 
and i just could not stop smiling the entire day.

thank you susan.

im sure you all love letters. what are some of the cutest ones you received?
let me know :)

p.s. did you see the amazing drawing she drew for me?
i died when i saw it.
and she got ugly letter from me.
just color pens.
and a lot of hearts.
thats love?

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