Skater Skirts

As a girl, one of my favorite things about the summer is the nice sundress weather and the ability to wear a skirt without catching pneumonia. However, as a former tomboy, I hate the fact that wearing a dress/skirt is so girly and typical. That's why, I am completely and utterly in love with the new summer trend, skater skirts. Firstly, they come in a wide range of colors including darker ones (not shown) such as black and navy blue. Secondly, they are so easy to match with. Just pull out that white tank top or chiffon blouse out (maybe with a cardigan or blazer if the weather is a little breezy) and then BAM! You're dressed for any occasion. Lastly, skater skirts are so flexible that you can literally accessorize with anything and look absolutely adorable. If you think wearing a plain tank top with the skater skirt is too simple, add a chunky necklace and you're good to go. If you are going on a first date and want to seem younger, wear some knee-length socks with some oxfords and you got the cute school-girl look pegged down. What do you think about them? Leave a comment below!

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