Day 9 - August 11

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

(frosh 2010)

(nuit blanc, 2010)

(Maddy's birthday 2010)

These are the girls that went through university with me. Theres just so much we went through and we are going into the forth year of living with each other (surprising there hasn't been any hair pulling fights yet). I was moving to a completely new country and had no family. I was determined beyond belief that I will be friends with my roommate. Having Emily (blonde girl) was an added bonus. We instantly became best friends. Sam (red head) was on the same floor and what can I say, she's amazing. There are a lot of people who have gone through a lot with me but not a lot of people who have helped me shape myself into the girl women I am today.

Just a small list of things that we did go through together:
- found our first apartment (stories to come)
- learned to budget money (this was hard)
- doing everything for yourself (laundry, cooking, etc)
- getting through mental break downs
- trips all over (new york, calgary, montreal, etc)
- getting through break ups/break up like situations
- school and stress
- work and stress
and just stress in general

(St.Patricks 2013)

Everyone wise and old in my life have told me that I will meet my lifelong friends in university. At first, I didn't believe them. I have plenty of amazing and wonderful people who I still love to this very day from high school. But honestly, it's different. University is when you change into the person you want to become. These are the girls who have changed me. 

I am blessed to have met them. There are a lot of times when I thought I went to the wrong school but then I remember the people I have met and I wouldn't change anything.

(Samantha Emily & Me, now)

I would take a bullet for them. They are just lovely.
Old or young, share your stories. Are you excited to be going to college? Are you in college & have you found people like my crew (lol im so lame)? Are you out of college & still in contact? Let me know, comment below!

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