Our Very First...

Hey lovelies!
This summer is our last summer in high school/college so we decided that we should document every day of our lives so that we can come back and reminisce when we're old and wrinkly. This blog will mostly be about our hectic, crazy lives and the sh*t we get into so grab your popcorn and get ready for a wild ride!

To start off, we've decided it would be funnier if we introduced each other because who better to spill the beans than your own sister.

Amy Liu

So, this is my older sister Amy. She just turned 21 (she's finally legal, not that it stopped her from drinking before) and is currently in her fourth year in UofT. She is majoring in psychology and Pre-law. While she is all asian smart (double major), she's also extremely whitewashed (yes, she is a sorority girl). She used to be the resident mean girl, but since her senior year in high school, she has turned the leaf and toned it down (unless you catch her on her off days). Nowadays, she is either drinking coffee to stay awake to study or shopping for new fashion.

Angella Liu

Angella is ... many things. She likes long walks on the beach, loves movies, loves life and really likes to try new things. JK. such genetic sayings. She is a great friends, great sister and will stand up for whoever she loves. With that being said, good girlfriend? that is still in training. She loves looking good and dressing well. On the other hand, those bad days, oh don't you worry eventually I will show them to you, internet. She wants to live by the philosophy 'nothing taste as good as skinny feels' but bacon, ice cream, donuts, steaks and the list goes on and on. We tried so many different diets and stupid cleanses and well lets just say hunger does not go well in this household.

Imported Bubbly

To describe any of us, we need to first get a background check. Our family is an expatiate family. In other words, we are like the borrowers (the british BBC movie references yay british accents). Every time we get comfortable, we move and not by choice. We have 'settled down' in so many different cities, sometimes we lose count. We started out in Taiwan (represent, uhhhuh) and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. There, we had happy childhoods of learning how to ride a bike and eventually we were white washed. Then we moved to the very exotic Bangkok, Thailand and soon after back to Taipei, Taiwan. Few years later, our family moved to Shanghai, China and I (Amy) currently goes to University in Toronto (UofT!)

Due to our complicated (to say the least) lives, me and my sister were best friends. Lets be real. "Let's keep in touch" is a lie even when we don't want it to be. We depended on each other but three years ago, I moved for university and our bond was thinning. That cannot happen. Duh! Blood is thicker than water - that should be a quote you live by. So this blog is a small way we can keep in contact and learn about lives, a tale of two sisters in two cities.

Now, starting a blog may be all fun and games but we still had some legitimate decisions to make beforehand. One of the most important was choosing a name. I have to admit, when we started, we were dumbfounded and had no idea what to be called. While people say they don't "judge a book by its cover", let's face it, we all do. So, like the modern girls we are, we decided to ask our good friend google for some help. After scrolling through thousands of pages, we finally came up with a catchy name "Imported Bubbly". 

The imported part of the name is more attaining to our worldly travels and how we're kinda always "imported" into new places. The bubbly part has double meanings. Firstly, it's a commentary on our more optimistic outlook on life and our happy characteristics. Secondly, it's also a lingo for alcohol, which come on, we all love and adore with a burning passion.

So with that in mind, let's embark on this awesome journey.

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