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Moving can be one of the hardest experiences of your life. In between the goodbyes and the breaking of emotional ties, there are also the countless errands and the dreaded packing. For me and my sister, unfortunately, this has become a norm. On the bright side, moving has also allowed us to experience some of the best places in the world. So instead of dwelling on the half empty side of things, we've decided to make the most of it and create a new segment: travel guide.
The first year of college is always crazy. It's the first time a baby bird flies out of the coop and gets to learn how to live independently. For me, I had a great place to surround myself with some of the best people. So for the first post for the newest segment, I wanted to share a place that will always be close to my heart: Ann Arbor.


When people think of Ann Arbor, they often only see the University of Michigan looming a huge shadow over the town. Unfortunately what they don't realize (and what I didn't realize either), is that Ann Arbor is actually a town consisting of so much more. In fact, Ann Arbor actually has some of the best restaurants I've been to. Here are a few that make us salivate just thinking about...

The rustic themed restaurant is one of the best decorated around. I love the stand alone fireplace and the cement walls. The food, however, is a hit and miss. The guacamole and pulled pork with its latin twist is absolutely delicious but the others were a miss. I would recommend this restaurant if you're feeling ~fancy~

One of my favorite restaurants, ever. The menu itself is very basic with the ability to choose how spicy and what protein is in your dish. The portions are large and very generous. But most of all, the food has a certain americanized take to thai food but still remains absolutely delicious. I definitely recommend this for a cheap but delicious eat.

Sava's has a well-known reputation of the restaurant you bring when your parents (and their wallets) are in town. While not as expensive as restaurants on Main Streets, Sava's is classy and definitely has some of the best food around. The lemonades are phenomenal and my chicken parmesan was cooked perfectly. Centrally located, it's also near Ben & Jerry's and other stores which make it a great place to hit.

Locals love their pizza house. While I think their feta pizza bread is phenomenal, I would ONLY recommend the feta bread because everything else is average. Their pizza is good but basically taste the same as my dorm food (even though I definitely advocate East Quad's dining hall).

One of my favorite places for ethnic food. The hummus and flat bread is one of god's most ingenious inventions. The portions are also very generous and the food will make you want to stuff you face. In fact, business has been so booming that Jerusalem Garden was able to move out of their tiny store and into a bigger front. A little out of the way but definitely a store to hit.

On Main Street but less expensive than the rest, this Cuban Street food restaurant is DEFINITELY a restaurant I would recommend. The food and the decor are equally amazing and their garlic fries are TO DIE for. The churros with chocolate sauce is another my favorite but it is definitely only for those with a bigger sweet tooth. I love how there is an amazing atmosphere but they still manage to keep it casual.

This is the restaurant me and my friends like to eat when it's a special occasion (from birthdays to phamily dinners with my sorority). While the portions may look small, they're actually delicious and very filling. Furthermore, there is both salty and sweet crepes (both equally delicious). At the front of the restaurant is a television that often shows foreign classic movies and really set the mood.

Brunching is something every classy girl loves to do. While I've never been to Broken Eggs (though I heard it's AMAZING), I have been to Angelo's and can definitely attest to the adorable surrounding. It has the cutest diner decor and is very authentic. While I was disappointed in what I had ordered, I'm pretty sure locals would be able to recommend some better food.

In a college town, drinking is definitely an activity people heavily partake in. Here are some bars that I've enjoyed heard of ;)

Bubble Island
While this store isn't for alcohol, it has delicious bubble tea and a great atmosphere. Students all around love coming to this door and lounging while playing some of the board games they offer.

For some ~blame it on the alcohol~ times, here are a list of clubs and nightbars I would recommend hitting:

BTB Cantina




With a bunch of students studying (including me), its hard to get involved with outside activities. However, here are some of the best places to have some good ol' fun.

My favorite thing about these two theaters (other than their proximity to each other) is their strange choice of movies. Rather than playing mainstream movies, these theaters have themes and only play indie/foreign/unpopular movies that you wouldn't expect to choose for yourself. Also, try hitting the midnight movies because they're not only discounted but also great movie choices.

Dawn Treader Book Shop

I love the old town charms of this bookstore. With cheap, used books, it is an awesome place to immerse yourself for hours while looking for the next best book. While they are alphabetized, it is best to just go in and be happy with what you come across.

University of Michigan Campus

As once a student of this amazing school, I will always find it one of the most spectacular places to visit. Whether you're an architecture buff or a sports fan, there is always some place to be. The Law Quad, the diag, Yost Ice arena is just to name a few of the fantastic places you can visit in this historical wonder. As a renown college town, it would be a mistake not to visit its college.

Hands On Museum
While I have never personally visited the hands on museum, it is one of the place that EVERYONE recommends. It's both fun and educational and nothing like the stuffy museums that adults usually hit. So come by, kids or no kids.

Kerrytown Farmer's Market
One of the most liberal places in Michigan, Ann Arbor has grown into one of the most accepting and fun places to be. I love the Sunday farmer's market because of not only the fresh produce but the wide variety of things you can salvage.

Ann Arbor will always be home to me. So if any of you are in my crib, please let me know. Also, if you have any other recommendations, it would be helpful to sound off below!

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