obsessions: unroll.me

I have recently came across the most amazing service ever.
#197 of my 200 things to do before I am 30 is to unsubscribe from unwanted mail.
And I've been dreading this act because let's be real, even just clicking unsubscribe on every single junk mail or mail subscription from online shopping site to online shopping is hard.
Then I came across unroll.me
And my life has changed.
Simple clean up of your inbox with one simple website!

Now go on and try this amazing website! I have already used it on my own emails and bam clean as a baby's bum!

Just to let you know, once you've cleaned your email, you can still bring it back as easy as a click of a button. Also because they are a company and require the help from as many as possible, you are only allowed to unsubscribe from 5 mailing systems before asking you to either pay for the service or give them an acknowledgement (easily down by posting on facebook!)

As you can see, I am a happy camper from my services.
If anyone tried this, please let me know! Or if you guys have great APP and websites to suggest, I am all ears! :)

Disclosure: This post is NOT sponsored by unroll.me All opinions are my own.

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