10 BOOtiful Family Costumes

The countdown has officially begun; it is a week before halloween. As a college student, this is the moment where you can essentially wear lingerie and prance around without being judged (that hard).

While partying and "turning up" can be pretty fun, it's also nice to reminisce back on when halloween was about getting free candy from strangers. Rather than wearing those miniskirts, let's go back to a time when halloween was about family... and family costumes...

Let's get Tangled up in this!

The Neighbors will sure be buzzing about this.

They sure know how to keep the family afloat.

Adventure is here!

3 in 1? They definitely got bang for their (star)buck!

Peter Pan? I'm a fan!

My only question is where is the thing?

 Keeping it classic.
Everything in the picture is eatable!

Bippity Boopity Cute!

What do you think? Which family costume was your favorite? Are you ready to become a parent and make some wonderful oompa loompas kids now?

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