Time for updates!
Lots of huge life things happening!
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(#tbt grad gift in a little blue box!)

(starting the day healthy with green juice!)

(banana and nutella crepes. need I say more?)

(work cupcakes! its just so cute!)

(#tbt best friends know how much I love macaroons!)

(We drink with our meals. an ice wine is the best)

(more work cupcakes! muhahahah)

(#ootd what do you guys think?)

(what? I drink on mondays?)

(channeling my inner Tyra Banks!)

(boxing match live and I just don't think its my thang)

(#tbt Me and Ange lol)

(everyday models ;) walking can be made sexy jkjk)


(#tbt my best friend's grad celebration, i miss ya)

(slutty outfit for the weekend! I am ready!)

(new place, new starbucks gold card lol)

love ya,

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