Feel Beautiful Because You Are

We are so popular recently (shamelesss)
but we have been tagged in another challenge!
We were challenged by Emma Elise at It's Emma Elise
The challenge is 5 photos that make you feel beautiful :)

Since we are sisters, we decided to pick five each!
This challenge is really great and honestly everything we believe in.
There are gonna be some photos that don't exactly display us in the best light
but we love them. and here's why!


1. Quirky Me
I am comfortable in my skin and being weird and funny with my best friends and my sister is who i am. This photo reminds me that beauty isn't only superficial. It's being able to see the beauty in everything! Doesn't my sister look like a DJ with her awesome headphones?

2. Genuine Me
I am most beautiful and genuine when I am with people I love. They bring out a side of me that i didn't know. Sometimes too motherly or protective but it's all good. p.s. this photo is of us wearing matching but unique pjs. Basically all our shirts and pants are the same but in our fav/picked color. Mine is obviously pink cause I am a little girl.

3. Happy Me
I love surprises and I love the simple things in life. I am most beautiful when I am completely happy and enjoying my time. I may be bundled up and you can't see my face, my mouth has a crazy shape but its pure happiness.

4. Confident Me
I believe the most beautiful photo is when I am confident. I may not have abs or the most perfect body but I am completely happy with my body. I love who I am and I look good.

5. Spontaneous Me
I am honestly not a spontaneous person. I am a type A personality with an extra side of anal. I am always with plans and when we went to New York, all restaurants, sights, museums were solidly planned. This was out of the plan. We were hungry and so hungry we literally asked someone on the street where is the closest good restaurant. We were recommended here and I never had such good service, such delicious food and the best of times.


1. Traveling Me
Growing up in 5 different countries, I've always had a passion for exploring new cultures and experiencing new places. I love this photo because it was taken while I was sweaty and annoyed and honestly only took the photo cuz the tour guide asked and I didn't want to be rude. But after looking at this photo, I realized how lucky I was to have experienced such amazing things and it really took me by surprise how awesome it turned out. It showed me to be grateful despite everything. 

2. Playful Me
This was taken during my senior prank day where we stayed after school pretty late and basically decorated all the hallways with our principals head. I love this photo because that day was just pure fun. We blasted music in the hallways, sang along, & did some crazy sh*t. It was awesome.

3. Growing Up Me
This photo was taken at my high school graduation and it was just such an emotional, bittersweet day that you got to love. On the left is my first friend in high school and I love how this photo shows me that despite moving on and making other friends, I was still able to keep my first friend. 

4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Me
First off, I love this purple hue that we got going on cuz of the lights. Secondly, this photo makes me so happy because one of my favorite people on earth is in it (Amy) and we literally stayed out all night that day. We had a blast and we did whatever we want. I'm not usually a person with a backbone, I hate having to correct or confront people. But, that night, I left all my reservations behind and it was so rad. 

5. Against the Odd Me
Although you can't tell by the photo, but that day it was pouring and we literally could not find a taxi. But, instead of letting that get to is, we marched on and walked around and finally found this beautiful garden. We literally danced in the rain. How many people can say that? I decided to be happy and so I was. Nothing got me down. That's the person I strive to be and this picture reminds me of that. 

We want to nominate 3 drop dead gorgeous bloggers
to continue the chain!
- Andrea, AndYStyle
- Ashley, Le Stylo Rouge

Go on! Spread the beauty haha

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