10 Things I Hate About Shanghai

First off, before people start getting defensive, I love this city. I have lived here for 5 years but just like any long term relationship, resentment will bubble up and sometimes you got to let it out. What can I say? Shanghai, you have your issues.

  1. Personal bubble? What is that?
  2. Taxi drivers actually turn own your business on the account that they might have to make a U-turn.
  3. People will step in front of the camera just as you got a good pose in front of an iconic area.
  4. Creepy guys come in a dozen (SIDE NOTE: So I was walking down a crowded road with a friend and I swear to god, she looks in her pocket to find some stranger's hand in there.)
  5. Everyone's phone call turns into a screaming match. They might be talking to their lover but their volume is ALWAYS on maximum.
  6. Walking down a street full of restaurants? You will come out smelling like oil.
  7. Don't come walking in your Louboutins because people will spit with amazing accuracy.
  8. It may be made in China but it's still more expensive here. Well, unless you want a fake replica.
  9. One minute sun, the other rainstorm. I guess its another summer full of fake tan.
  10. Lining up is a joke. It's everybody's game so run, motherf*cker, run!
All in all, Shanghai is still my home and despite your faults, I love you. 

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