Trend Under $150: Kimonos

Summer time is here! With summer comes crop tops, short shorts, and cutout dresses. However, while baring some skin does make an outfit cute, we also want to keep it classy and tasteful and hide some skin too. Under the hot heat, there is really only one option for cover up: kimonos. With their silky, light material, it is the perfect cardigan for an outfit. Furthermore, there are so many options and so many pairings available for the newest trend!

For the ultimate summer look, get this Liquorish Long Kimono on Digital Bird Print and pair it with some cute shorts, a crop top, a wide brim hat, and some sandals. This will allow some cover up while also giving some pattern and texture to the look. 

For a more flirty romantic look, get this Canyon Fringe Kimono and pair it with some hard, contrasting accessories (silver necklace, black fringe purse, and studded heel sandals) to balance the outfit. 
If you're more into the boho style, I suggest this Jenelle Gypsy Tassled Kimono in Orange. With the vibrant pattern and the black fringes, I would suggest a simpler crop top and shorts.
With all the fringes and laces shown above, it is sometimes better to have a simple kimono such as this O' Neill Rianna Kimono which allows for a more complex top and even knee boots. 
Lastly, for a more sophisticated look, pair this Branda Floral Kimono in Black with a tight simple top and some stressed boyfriend jeans. Keep the accessories simple to pull the look together and focus the kimono. Another great thing about kimonos is its ability to passover to early fall.

With thousands of ways to style the kimono, this is our new favorite summer trend! What do you think? Which one was your favorite outfit? Comment down below to let us know! 

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