February Addiction: TOBI

Hello all
This is the birthday month of my darling sister
so I thought, lets go fancy
We are loving TOBI
It is quite a great store, having all my fav styles
It's a great place to get party dresses
and I know it's super early for buying swimsuits but...
loving some of the swimsuits

Just a little tip
because I am in Toronto, there is some taxes for crossing boarders
apparently if you buy under $50 then taxes are much less

But just to give you a little taste...
FYI, everything is sexy
sexy dress, sexy romper, sexy jumpsuit, etc.

The perfect red killer dress - every girl needs

Sexy romper when you go visit that someone special

Sexy stay-at-home with that someone special

Sexy summer jumpsuit, great for any occasion - girls night out or in

love a sexy leather jacket

That's the swimsuit I wanted <3

Some sexy booties for any night

Let me know what you think
I am loving this store so much
Tell me your favourite item
Maybe it will be my first giveaway ;)

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