Firsts: #Winning #Milestones

Firsts time Angella has won homecoming queen.
It's also going to be her last since this would be her last homecoming
But she too modest, so has an older sister, gots to boast!
I send this very post to so many of my friends, its not funny :)

I also found the photographer and saved the photos cause lets be real
by the time Ange finds them, it would be irrelevant.

(Her and her two besties)

(yes she looks stunning. but I BOUGHT the DRESS
i deserve some credit)

(her and her boyfriend)

(she looks happy)

(first dance <3)

Here's to many firsts.
I am sure there will be
since shes going through a transitional phase.

excited to share :)
Anyone care to share their milestones?
I am happy to listen :)

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