Bold Moves October

I am late writing this post.
(ahh sorry)

One of the coveted blogs that I adore reading (it's a guilty pleasure) started the most amazing movement. 
it is called the Bold Moves October.
This month, make your own waves, be bold and be you.

Her regular blog is Date By Numbers.
She created another blog just for Bold Moves October.

Read some inspirational stories, share your bold moves or even ask for some advice.
I understand if this is the first you ever heard about this movement, you probably don't want to participate but honestly, read some of the posts. It may inspire you in a way you never thought would be possible.

Those of you who don't know what this project is about... its here.
but in a gist:
what: Do what you want. 
Never talk yourself out of any ideas (stupid or otherwise)
 Do the bold 'thing' you never thought you would do.
where: every aspect of your life
when: month of October
why: because you are worth it.
sometimes taking that leap of faith is all you need.

yes this mean...
ask that cute guy out from class who you always wanted to talk to
yes this means...
ask your boss for that promotion you deserve
yes this means...
go rock climbing thought you are scared of height

she puts it perfectly...
"This is about destiny. This is about smashing it into the ground because why limit yourself to Destiny’s Child when you could be Queen Bey?"
what should I do for this BMO?
Last year, around this month, I reconnected with an ex-friend.
I wrote him a letter and ...
we become more than friends for sure. 
It didn't work out for us but I will never regret it.
It was a great few months and he was there for me during the hardest time of my life.
He made dealing with a lot of crap in my life a whole lot better.
I wish we didn't end the way we did but...
at least we happened.

Share your stories with me! Or suggestions of Bold Moves!

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