Wondering Eyes Duo

My eyes wonder a lot.
But honestly, these last few weeks has been ridiculously, crazy busy.
I barely had any time to sleep enough 
(yes, i am a girl who needs more than 8 hours).

BUT personally, I can't work constantly. I have to, have to, do some fun things.
I don't mind at all to work 24 hours.
well minus the hours I sleep...
but let me have my breaks.
I needa just check twitter/instagram/facebook/whatever else to keep myself sane.

Luckily, my job allows to me be on twitter and no one can judge.
but let's be real. 
If reading blogs was a full time job, I would be so so sooo sooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good at it.

with all that said...
my eyes wondered to...

as an asian, this is HIL-AR-IOUS :)

I was at this stunning brunch place in New York and they made the best biscuits of life. i need them.

You just need some spirit. I do too.

You can always use new tricks up your sleeve ;)

So that's what they were suppose to be.

This helps me put some perspective into things....

HELLO, this is amazing. 

I am so excited. this looks. just. delicious.

and THIS.

I need to stop.

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