Day Seven, my friends :)

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item

These challenges are just getting harder and harder. Over the years, Ive received quite a few amazing gifts. There's teddy bears to cuddle at night, beautiful jewellery, amazing tech-y things (from parents mostly). I was also debating being super cheesy and saying something like my most treasured item is my friends/my family, that type of thing.

But I do think I should be honest and it was an item I purchased my last trip to New York. A beautiful leather Michael Kors bag.

There are many reasons why it's a treasured item. To begin with, it's super easy to wear out and it gives a pop of color when my outfit is a little dull. It is absolutely easy to carry with the strap. It is huge and I can throw all my junk in it (im a big bag girl, must have all the absolutely useless things with me just in case, ya know.

Apart from the apparent beauty of the bag, I also love what it represents. I was able to work and buy something I love for myself. I love that feeling, I love being in control and able to buy nice things for myself. This is the first branded bag I bought myself and it felt good, like I was my own sugar daddy. With all that said, I am so careful about this bag, I don't want to scratch it or anything. Its a difficult bargain between being able to use/show it off and making sure I am not ruining it. meh, I might go back to unbranded bags.

What is your most treasured item and why?

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