It's the 40th Anniversary of TIFF baby

I know this post is late and TIFF is now pretty much over but as a Torontoian girl this was the time to get down before winter hits. Due to all these huge things happening, this post got away from me.

TIFF 40th Anniversary

Natalie Portman at TIFF Soiree

Rachel McAdam at "Spotlight"

Amber Heard

What I've realized is they all manage to get a floral simplistic yet elegant dress. Real simple accessories that just elevates the outfit to another level. It is the perfect combination of great style and taste. With the holidays and parties coming up, I really think its my new fav classy look. And not hard to recreate at all!

tiff party style

What do you guys think? 
Who was your fav at TIFF and was there a standout dress/outfit you loved?

Let me know :)

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