Photo Inspirations: Crochet in High Fashion

Fashion has always been about pushing boundaries and recently there has been a comeback of, well let's call it, elderly fashion. There has been a push for granny hair and vintage couture. But even more recently, there has been a new development. As summer approaches and music festivals become more prominent and loud (in both sense of the word), bohemian fashion becomes all the rage and one of the key elements has seriously caught our eyes: crochet in high fashion.

Now, we are not talking about your grandmother's crochet dollies but an adaption of crochet that has elevated it into runways (Givenchy Sp 15) and the eyes of the most prominent models (Barbara Palvin).

I think crochet is one of the most versatile medium around. When paired with lace in white, it can be one of the most romantic mediums. When colorful and sharp, it is rough and edgy. When bright and simple, there is a home-y, folky feeling. The intricate patterns and vivid colors have definitely caught my eyes.

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