Edge Up Your Tea Party

Whether it's brunch of afternoon tea, I love the idea of having a meal between meals. Traditionally, girls are seen in long flowy skirts and cute, albeit overused, patterns and frills. Instead of taking the orthodox route, we've decided to edge things up with some bold colors and killer accessories. 

Spot the difference (Hint: the last two photos are slightly blurred). Funny story. It was so hot that once we took the camera lens off, we realized that water vapor (or whatever you get on glass when something hot suddenly turns cold) completely made an impromptu filter on our photos and since it was so serendipitously wonderful we decided to keep it and showcase a few of them. 

This was our first time displaying us in our outfits. We had a blast taking photos for you guys but what do you guys think? Do you guys like it? Any suggestions? Comment down below to let us know!
Also, BONUS: hair flip! #hairporn

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