Photo Inspiration: Young Hollywood Awards

Its Young Hollywood Awards again!
I love this award because you see the face of tomorrow
and I love fan votes, it shows fan appreciation ;-)
It's also great to see what our fresh faced lovelies are wearing.
For those of you who don't have the down low on this event,
here are the stars with gold stars...
Ansel Elgort
Fan Favorite Actor Male
Honestly, just breathe in the handsome.

Chloe Grace Mortez
Fan Favorite Actor Female
Her acting is impeccable, her fashion is impeccable, SHE is IMPECCABLE!
Or maybe I'm just bias because I'm so excited for If I Stay.

Nick Jonas
Coolest Crossover Artist
Oh god, it's like seeing your high school crush again.

Dylan O'Brien
Breakthrough Actor
For those of you who don't know, I have a huge obsession with this kid.
I am in love with him. He is perfection.

Danielle Brooks
Breakthrough Actress
I think I'm in love... with that dress.

Ashley Tisdale
Ahh, I still remember her from Disney channel
but now she's full grown and killing it as a guest star on Young & Hungry.

The Vampire Diaries
Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
Best Threesome
I would not mind being mixed up with this blue-eyed hottie.

Derek Hough
Hottest Body (of Work)
That jawline though...

The Fault in Our Stars
Shailene Woodley/Ansel Elgort
Best On-Screen Couple

Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum
Best Bromance
I may not understand the humor of 21 & 22 Jumpstreet
but I respect a good ole' bromance.

The Legend of Hercules
Kellan Lutz
Super Superhero
I don't see Hercules as a superhero, but what the heck,
I love this man & it makes me happy that he's winning.

Amy Schumer
Cuz You're Funny
The friend that alway makes laugh so hard you pee your pants a little.

Orange is the New Black
Pablo Schreiber 
We Love to Hate you
Cuz I hate how much I love you boy girl

Ed Sheeran
Hottest Music Artist
I guess his music is just as hot as his fiery hair.

Sam Smith
Breakout Music Artist
I guess sounding like an angel won't hurt.

Iggy Azalea ft. Charlie XCX
Song of the Summer/ DJ Replay
OH-EM-GEE, this is like my jam, like my lady jam.

Bella Thorne
You're So Fancy
Heh, and the award above goes to Fancy ;-)

Louie Vito
Most Awesome Athlete

Orange is the New Black
Bingeworthy TV Show

The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite Flick
Flawless, just flawless.

Jenna Marbles
Viral Superstar
That purple, lilac hair has sold me.

The Bachelor & The Bachelorette
Reality Royalty
Except, they never stay together. ever.

Also, honorary mention to Justin Bieber whom somehow in god's green earth has been given the Champ of Charity award. I mean it's nice that he won and we appreciate his efforts, but I don't know how still.

So what did you think of this year's event? Who did you think deserved the awards more? Who do you think rocked their outfits? Tell me more in the comments down below.

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