March Addiction: Boohoo

Wow I am sooo slow this month
I am so sorrry! 

but don't worry
still got the best online shopping sites for all fashionistas!

This month we are loving BooHoo
It's a british fashion site.
the only problem is the price is in euros but honestly I am loving the style!

some of my favs include:

(pre warning: I am planning a trip to Mexico in May
soo a lot of the things I am into are for my trip)

This is just so in this year!

Ahh so cute! Can dress up a simple outfit or dress down a fancy dress!

So cute and so hipster!

I really like bold prints and colors! Easy to match with simple white t-shirt!

Its so cute! Gives a little nautical feel :)

Loving the spring pastel colours! 

Perf for the beach - accessorize with margaritas

Loving the vibrant purple. kinda of radiant orchid?

Happy Shopping!
Hope you aren't dying from March Madness :)

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