Itunes Clean Up!

As a part of my to do list...
I wanted to clean up my iTunes list.
I have so many songs and honestly theres so much crap I hate!

So I decided to listen to every single song
and if I actually think eh thats a good song.
I'll keep it.
If not I am ready to clean up my life.
Starting one song at a time...

Stupid me, I am doing it by artists 
(so by the 9th song by Adam Lambert, I am pretty sick of him)
So far I'm still in the A's

Deleted Songs: 46
Starting Letter: A

I thought If i show you all what I am doing, 
I will be more willing to be doing it.

Also super wiling to list new songs that I am in love with:
(so far none...)
but apparently all time low is no longer my style.
had to delete quite a few...

So lets hope this is a good start.
On that note, please suggest some good songs! 
I am always willing to listen to new genres, new artists, new bands...
so share!

ps. just a fun photos...
me and angella bonding...

LOL feel the messy.
fee the love <3

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