200 before 30

It's ridiculous but I've been alive for 21 years.
I feel like there is so much I would like to accomplish 
yet I never have the time or energy to do it.
I was on the phone the other day with a dear friend from high school
he expressed how with everything he has accomplished,
he doesn't know if he ever contributed to the world.
I always say I am still young and ready to take the world by storm
but. a few weekends ago, I was doing what 'old' people do
attending weddings, and experiencing death.
One of my acquaintances from university has unfortunately passed away
(RIP Hugo)
and it got me thinking,
if I were to get into an accident tomorrow, 
would I be happy with what I've done in my life?
So this is my bucket list. Before I am thirty, I want to accomplish these things.
I want to give myself a deadline to do things with my life
200 things averages out to around 25 a year for 9 years.
I can do it.


Here's my bucket list:
  1. Graduate from University of Toronto with a Bachelor's degree (graduate of 2014!)
  2. Get a big girl job with a promising title  (AA @Ogilvy)
  3. Move into my own, first apartment (My Toronto condo!)
  4. Scrutinize my closet and donate, store, or toss things I never wear (move from TO to PVG)
  5. Go skinny dipping (Muskoka with my BFFs)
  6. Find killer red heels
  7. Rock short hair (above the shoulders)
  8. Go zip lining  (Mexico baby)
  9. Participate in a flash mob
  10. Watch and review a Woody Allen movie
  11. Go on a hot balloon ride
  12. Share a new years first kiss with someone I love
  13. Go to yoga class for one month
  14. Keep my one sentence journal for 5 years
  15. Buy a pair of Louboutins
  16. Go to a wine tasting
  17. Have a staycation
  18. Do a body shot
  19. Introduce someone significant to the family
  20. Drink green juice every morning for a month
  21. Eat a cronut (March 8 - La Dolci)
  22. Go on a spontaneous trip with my sister, Angella (Does Paris count?)
  23. Stop eating fast food for at least a month
  24. Tie messages to a balloon and let them go
  25. Collect 10 more shot glasses
  26. Take his last name
  27. Get a promotion (First promotion in my life, April 5th 2017 at JP/TBWA)
  28. Carve something permanent into a tree
  29. Have courage and ask a random guy out
  30. Kiss in the rain
  31. Go [fruit] picking - apples, strawberries, etc.
  32. Visit a vineyard (hopefully in Italy)
  33. Buy a perfect set of undergarments  Calvin Kleins
  34. Visit my sister at college before she graduates (University of Michigan baby)
  35. Discover 30 new restaurants
  36. Go on a no budget shopping spree (no looking at price tags)
  37. Kiss under the mistletoe
  38. Go to a Pi Beta Phi convention
  39. Donate hair to locks of love
  40. Go to Canada's Wonderland Surprisingly with coworkers
  41. Order room service - perhaps breakfast 
  42. Jump into a pool fully clothed and push/pull someone in
  43. Go to a Vegas bachelor/bachelorette party
  44. Get 100 likes on facebook page 
  45. Buy a beautiful Victoria's Secret pj set
  46. Go on a cruise
  47. Attend a live TED Talks Toronto 2017
  48. Finish an entire New York Times crossword puzzle
  49. Do 5 random acts of kindness
  50. Get a real Christmas tree (cut from the forest)
  51. Go on a helicopter ride
  52. Learn to pick a lock
  53. See 'Wicked' the musical (London July 2018)
  54. Be a bridesmaid (Emily Fuller making my dreams come true!)
  55. Participate in a colour run
  56. Buy a Kitchen Aid mixer
  57. Try shooting a gun
  58. Wear only dresses or skirts for a week
  59. Purchase a classic Burberry trench coat (Paris La Valle)
  60. Visit Disney World - Florida
  61. Purchase or receive my own business cards
  62. Go on a weekend getaway with a loved one
  63. Ride a cable car in San Fran
  64. Get my drivers license (got my G2 getting close!) Sept 2018 in Peterbourough
  65. Go to Mardi Gras
  66. Become a certified bartender
  67. Dance in the rain
  68. Contribute to Pi Beta Phi after I graduate (either start a new alumni club or be an AAC advisor)
  69. Get 250 followers on instagram @importedbubbly
  70. Go canoeing Oh Sam!
  71. Watch the sunrise with a loved one
  72. Go or plan an awesome bachelorette party (crashed a bachelor party)
  73. Spend a weekend unplugged 
  74. Fly first class
  75. Manage a team or lead a project at work (Swatch, Ogilvy)
  76. Watch 10 TED Talks 
  77. Write a letter to myself each year before my birthday and open them all on my thirtieth birthday
  78. Have my own car (doesn't car2go count?)
  79. Go one month without Starbucks
  80. Try the seaweed wrap
  81. Make someone I love breakfast in bed
  82. Watch a classic musical live (Lion King 2009, 2014)
  83. Find my favourite red wine and learn to appreciate it
  84. Visit the White House (DC trip, Feb 2014)
  85. Fall in love
  86. See a shooting star
  87. Take a surf lesson
  88. Attend a elementary/middle/high school reunion
  89. Contribute to someone else's blog (contact me if I can contribute to your blog <3)
  90. Go to a legitimate blind date set up by a friend
  91. Leave a note in a library book for someone to find Oct 28, 2017 What Color Is Your Parachute?
  92. Be vegetarian for a week
  93. Make five new friends (Katrina, Hannie, Nichole, Psyche, Echo, Stephy & Ogilvy gals)
  94. Gain 500 twitter followers for @imported_bubbly
  95. See the ballet live
  96. Buy my own statement watch (Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch)
  97. Rock hair without bangs Bangs grew too long there was no bangs
  98. Go sailing (Emily's daddy)
  99. Read 50 books
  100. Find my signature dish/meal
  101. Perfect my signature dish/meal
  102. Find my signature drink I'm 25 right now and honestly it's a Gin and Tonic
  103. Perfect my signature drink Pretty easy to master
  104. Plan a perfect day for my loved one doing only what he loves all day
  105. Organize my iPhoto  (Feb 7, 2014 - took a good four hours but yay)
  106. Celebrate a one year anniversary 
  107. Speak in public playbooks at Beam Suntory Aug 2018
  108. Find and purchase the perfect fancy flats 
  109. Watch 10 classic rom-com movies (8/10) reviews here
  110. Rekindle an old friendship (z)
  111. Buy real flowers for my house for a month
  112. See one of my best friends or my sister get married Oh Emily
  113. Eat a special meat that I've never tried Kangaroo and Emu
  114. See 100 movies in the theater (68/100) reviews here
  115. Go to a beer festival
  116. Take a 'me' day from work to refresh and get my mani/pedis done (accidentally, I took a wednesday off)
  117. Attend a baby shower
  118. Read 10 women's bibliography who inspire me (Bossypants - Tiny Fey, Yes Please - Amy Poehler, Why Not Me - Mindy Kaling, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - Mindy Kaling, #Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso, I'm Fine - Whitney Cumming)
  119. Go on a 'no-buy' month
  120. Be in a carriage ride
  121. Go to a psychic once a year
  122. Adopt a puppy - preferably a corgi
  123. Subscribe to a year of trial beauty box
  124. Buy a Lilly Pulitzer Pi Bet Phi item
  125. Get a bikini wax
  126. Go to happy hour with work buddies
  127. Own real leather couches 
  128. Find a cause I am really interested in and volunteer consistently
  129. Learn how to make three desserts from scratch (and not a paper box)
  130. Snap a selfie everyday for a month
  131. Go to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto (June 2014 w/Sam)
  132. Receive a handwritten love letter
  133. Go Skydiving
  134. Attend a masquerade ball
  135. Try all 10 of 'must try exotic fruits'
  136. Have a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  137. Say yes to everything for an entire day
  138. Learn to crack an egg with one hand
  139. Unspoken promise
  140. Become a godmother
  141. Write everything bad that has happened on a piece of paper and burn it
  142. Try the mud bath/mud mask or anything mud spa treatment
  143. Sell something on the internet
  144. Eat at a restaurant with Michelin stars
  145. Save 40% of my pay check for 6 months in a year 
  146. Try scotch on the rocks or whisky on the rocks (you remember, loud, crazy night)
  147. Learn to whistle with two fingers
  148. Build a house of cards (at least 6 stories)
  149. Pick a random address from google map and write a kind letter
  150. Throw a drink in someone's face
  151. Stay in bed for an entire day (definitely more than a day)
  152. Join the love locks in Paris
  153. Have at least one friend you know for over 15 years
  154. Do something crazy for love
  155. Buy two TVs (one for my bedroom and one for my living room)
  156. See a hockey fight live
  157. Start a fight - food, pillow, snow or water balloon
  158. Get one instaphoto to 1000 likes 
  159. Travel for work (Suzhou, Oct 16-17, 2014)
  160. Give up something for lent (and stick with it)
  161. Celebrate a three year anniversary 
  162. Buy my own Tiffany and co jewelry (Hawaii, 2014)
  163. Own a pet (preferably a dog)
  164. Earn my first million dollars (currency can be TWD, RMB, CND or USD) Combined my first three years = more than 1 mil TWD
  165. See 5 new museums (more than 5 from DC)
  166. Buy a killer red dress
  167. Complete a one month workout calendar
  168. Finish my wreck this journal
  169. Go one month without taking a taxi
  170. Buy something from a flea market or second hand Bloggers Yard Sale
  171. Inspire or become a mentor for someone
  172. Buy a pair of gorgeous nude heels
  173. Try the LSAT again, achieve my goal score
  174. Buy a coffee table book 
  175. Try the secret at least for a month
  176. Attend 5 networking events (Girl Network @ Spokes, Pitt Society @ Albany)
  177. Buy myself an apple desktop for my work
  178. Clean my phone contacts
  179. Clean my facebook contacts
  180. Clean my email contacts
  181. Learn and make pasta from scratch! (July 2014 w/Angella)
  182. Be better with family - text my parents once a week for at least a year
  183. Reach 10,000 followers on tumblr - ivegotafoodbaby
  184. Learn 5 new hair styles that I can do on a daily basis
  185. Clear my episode calendar (only have upcoming)
  186. Listen to every single song on my itunes
  187. Delete every song you don't actually like
  188. Visit 4 continents (Asia, North America, Europe, Australia)
  189. Learn how to invest (stocks, bonds, etc.)
  190. Watch a musical on broadway in New York
  191. Sleep 8 hrs or more a day for a month
  192. Pay for vacation for my parents
  193. No processed sugar for a month
  194. Take self-defence classes enough to feel safe
  195. Have professional photos taken for my profession
  196. Take cute photos in a photo booth (March 2014 w/Zehra @one of a kind show)
  197. Unsubscribe to junk mail from all my emails
  198. Reach 50 followers on pinterest @importedbubbly
  199. Try 3 Internet challenges (such as chubbybunny, cinnamon challenge, etc.)
  200. Finish paying all my mortgages and own my first apartment

Start Date: January 1, 2014
End Date: May 29, 2022

maybe you can all start your own list
or cheer me on :)

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