Welcome to the club -- Katy Perry

CoverGirl has announced their newest addition - Katy Perry!
I have always loved this girl. She is the right mix of party and girl next door.
I also love her style -- not the wild crazy panther ones in her videos but the ones that she wears regularly when she is getting a cup of coffee.

She seems beautiful and perfect as a easy breezy beautiful spokes model

I think the right way to introduce her in is to compare her to old CoverGirls
She does have some tough competition.

Drew Berrymore

Janelle Monae

Sofia Vergara

Taylor Swift


Jessica Stam

Even the older CoverGirls from before.
They do the same. Beautiful faces. Great personality.
and even the same style.

Tasha Teberg

Tara Banks

CoverGirls have always had a different style to each.
Pink was more rocker.
Drew Berrymore for pretty girl.
Taylor Swift for natural beauty.
Where do you think Katy Perry is going to fit?

Who is your favourite CoverGirl?
Do you think Katy Perry fits?

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