September Addiction.

Hi my darling dearests

Let's get this clear. 
Shopping may be the kryptonite to my existence.
I am definitely not one of those girls who actually spend a ton on your credit card
and cannot pay it back.
though sometimes I do overuse my credit card.
I have always been careful.
I only spend what I earn.

but thats the problem.
I spend every single dollar I earn.
I really do.
I love love love shopping.

And with my addiction comes fun perks.
I find (in my opinion) the best places to buy things.
Fashionable pieces that are affordable.
I love ASOS. but honestly, a little too expensive for me.
I am also a sucker for free shipping.

for the month of September, my favourite online store is...
(drumroll please...)

I almost always get free shipping.
there is a huge range of products that you can buy from shoes to skirts to tshirt.
This store is exists only online so far
but they have amazing service.
great return policy.
and pretty fast delivery.
Their sales are always insane.
I personally think their prices are pretty reasonable.

I recently purchases some knee high boots. 
and i am in love.
feel free to go wild and see if this is the store of your dreams.

Some items I have been eye-ing for a while...
and are on my list of to buy next....

I always wanted infini rings!

Let me know what you want to buy, am buying or will buy!

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